Monday, 13 February 2017

All Is Revealed

Well it's taken me an age to write this post, life at home is not without it's trials at the moment what with various workmen trying to put my house back together after the burst pipe last December and me trying to get out of the way so that they can get it done, I've had limited time where I could actually use my WiFi and concentrate enough with all the noise in the background, aren't workmen noisy! and they say that women can talk, dear me these workmen never seem to shut up haha.  

Today I'm confined to barracks because I have come down with Laryngitis probably the result of me walking the streets in wind snow and hail while my car got fixed because it didn't pass its MOT the front spring had gone and I'm not really surprised with all the potholes we have to contend with of late.   

Well done to all of you who guessed correctly after my last post, it was of course The Mile A Minute Blanket, I've had this on my to do list for years and at last I have made one.

As always when following a pattern I do mine slightly different but it has turned out roughly the same.

It was easy to make and made a nice change from squares or from making a solid blanket, it has caused quite a bit of puzzlement when I have taken it out to work on, I've had comments like what on earth are you making and when I explain they still didn't seem to get it, to be honest I wasn't convinced myself until I started crocheting the strips together and it started to take shape.

You need to have even tension for this blanket and unfortunately I don't, sometimes there were inches different between strips and I had to do them again but in the end I got there and I love the finished result.

It's a great way to use up your stash too as long as you have a decent amount of yarn for the border colour your strips can be as many colours as you want them to be.

It used 550 grams of Dk stash yarn and I used this version of the pattern here
I have made this to be used as a cot blanket and I will be sending it to knit for nowt to help the disadvantaged in the East Yorkshire area.

For some strange reason I made two strips too many, I think they look fine joined as a scarf and it will keep some little one warm.

I hope you all have a great week! 

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

February Stash-Buster Party

Hello and welcome to the February 2017 Stash buster Party

A big thank you to all of you who linked your stash-busting makes last month these were your favourites....

1. White Lace baby blanket designed by Olga from Lacy Crochet 

2.  Round Scraf or snood made by Anna from Annasimplecrochet

3. Granny Scarf made by Marjan from Atelier Marie Lucienne 

4.  Scarf made by Loes from hobbyloes

Congratulations ladies! 

February 2017 Link Party

Stash-Buster Link Party

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  • All crafts are welcome either complete or works in progress.
  • Link the picture from your actual post and not your blog address.
  • Be polite and click on at least 2 links and leave some nice comments
  • Please mention the link party in your post or display the party button in your sidebar if you want to be featured.
Happy Linking!

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